Relief for Migraines

Mind-Body Medicine for Migraines 

Quickly dispel migraines with proven practical guidance addressing the physical, nutritional and emotional components of migraines so you are never trapped by a painful migraine again. From personal experience, Mind-Body Medicine Therapist Summer Bozohora provides all you need to banish migraines.

In this class, Summer reviews the Migraine Emergency Kit: 

  • Environmental Triggers & Relief
  • Practical Essential Oils to use
  • Important foods and recipes to counteract and soothe triggers 
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: A step-by-step video guide how to engage your awareness to understand the underlying emotional trigger that will dissipate the migraine through Mind-Body Awareness within minutes!


  • Migraine Emergency Kit PDF Download 
  • FREE Digital Copy of Summer's ultimate guide to self-healing - her book: Soul Side Out! Universal Laws of Healing and Living Your Best Life

Summer understands this topic intimately. After experiencing debilitating migraines from age 10-36, she no longer has migraines. 

My Story: by Summer Bozohora
Debilitating Migraines ages 10-36 

I used to have debilitating migraines.  My last two migraines started the same way as all the others - with numbness, nausea and visual impairment but I was able to stop the progression by accessing the emotional prelude. From the first onset of the symptoms to the relief whereby I felt able to resume normal functioning lasted no longer than three hours instead of three days. 

In the past they have proceeded into debilitating illness. White hot ice picks of pain would ceaselessly thrust their way into my head, accompanied with left-side numbness, visual impairment and an inability to speak and waves of nausea that lasted for days until I threw up.

Most migraine sufferers can identify with my experience, but what they may not know is that with every migraine, there is an emotional prelude – an internal pressure that has built up that pulls the trigger of the autonomic-peptide branch of the central nervous system (Sarno, 2006). (Peptides are molecules that participate in a system of inter- communication between the brain the body.)

The short version is what Dr. Sarno calls: The Symptom Imperative. It operates within a series of disorders that fall within psychosomatic  or mind-body medicine and it means that your body keeps creating symptoms until the underlying cause is addressed which is an emotional or spiritual conflict.

A head-ache means that we are over-utilizing our head or thinking too much. It is a sign that we need to access our body’s senses and engage other forms of awareness. There is a simple but effective way for accessing this awareness that has profound effects. It is a simple and natural  5-step process called INSIDE-OWT. You will be learning more about this universal process of mind-body communication inside!

Once inside you will be able to ask questions and send me direct messages in the chat message under the course video. 

What Students are saying:

Hi Summer, I used the migraine emergency kit for the first time this weekend.
Instead of a 3 day migraine it was only a day!
Working on your book now 🙂

... Three months later ... I haven't had a migraine in quite a while and if when start to get one, I use what I learned to circumvent it! 

Maria Osetsky, Edmonton.   

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