Empowered Empath Professional Development & Certification in INside-OWT Next Session begins Sept. 2025

The Next Empowered Empath Professional Program begins September 2025 and is for: 

  • Holistic health care providers/Intuitive Healers who wish to build a community that empowers each other to become advocates of proactive and preventative self-care for themselves and their clients.  
  • Women who have stepped into their 'wisdom years' (40+) and feel called to be re-inspired rather than re-tired
  • Women who wish to create a livelihood in experiential, education-based health & spirituality. 

Experience FULL IMMERSION  in the Transformational 5 Step Process of INside-OWT, the New Frontier in Mind-Body Medicine and Total Transformation as described in the book: Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life: 

The Empowered Empath Program teaches fundamental universal laws that govern healing by taking you through a deep inner-standing of the INside-OWT process along with other advanced spiritual-care practices/concepts. This is a 6 month- 1 Year Professional ​Immersion in the Transformational ​Process of INside-OWT.  (Completion time depends on your ability to complete your practise client sessions and log your learning. 

 Our key word is CREATE  

  • Create Change in Health Care, & Merge Health with Spiritually Empowering Education
  • Join the Growing numbers of facilitators in INside-OWT ​and Co-Create Authentic community by within a collaborative and supportive team of wisdom teachers & soul-searchers.
  • Amplify the results your clients currently receive with your existing tools. Create a unique expression of your divine gifts and adapt your work with the knowledge of Universal Law for maximum impact.
  • Embody and Integrate your ability to help other souls create deep emotional, energetic and spiritual shifts in their lives.
  • Grow Trust in your intuition and skill  to guide clients to deep insight for spontaneous physical healing.  ​ 
  • Gain Clarity and Confidence as a Teacher/Facilitator and/or Speaker. 
  • Attend spiritual conferences and events that grow your enthusiasm and clarity in your purpose and who you can serve. 

PREREQUISITE: This programs prerequisite is the  Soul-Truth Discovery Academy Apprenticeship Program or the Empowered Empath Awaken Academy. 

Detailed List of What is Included:

  • 10 debriefing meetings to review your client sessions  (25 sessions with clients must be completed) (on-line sessions will be recorded) 
  • 10 Private Personal Healing sessions in INside-OWT
  • Facilitating Intuitive Self-Healing Circles in the Soul-Truth Academy and/or Empowered Empath Academy
  • INside-OWT Body-Mind Medicine Immersion Retreats (1.Assist 2.Teach/Speak) 
  • 2 written and/or oral/visual assignments
  • Unlimited 'emergency support calls' eg. if in session and unsure of how to handle a situation with a client.​
  • Graduation Celebration/Presentation and Certificate recognizing you as trained as an Life-& Body-Mind-Soul Healing Mentor in the process of INside-OWT 
  • Opportunities to speak and share at events and speaking engagements​​​
  • BONUS: You will be given support with integrating INside-OWT and uplevelling your services.  You receive a FULL weekend focus on marketing with MY trainer who has created Abundance in her life.  She will assist you in developing a Signature Talk and creating the Sacred Structure you need to serve your clients. (You will learn how you package your offerings, mixing group & individual services and develop the confidence to speak your truth (on stage or off).  You will have the FULL support to embrace your Authentic, Soulful Path you KNOW is yours.  
  • BONUS:  You will be given a FULL Branding Package with another one of my coaches to choose your marketing and colours, banners etc. for your business and have them created for you.  


  • After you have completed the Soul-Truth Discovery Academy  or the Empowered Empath Academy, attended 3 or more of your own private sessions,  if you and Summer feel you are ready, you can begin your practicum work with clients.
  • You receive 10 private mentorship sessions for your own personal exploration and unlimited text & voice Memo support. ​  
  • You will attend the Mind-Body Medicine Immersion Retreat to assist and present your own experiences.  You may be asked to create a Keynote (Power Point Presentation.) ​
  • You will be asked to continue attending the INside-OWT practices and begin leading them and teaching as additional practise to help you create a group aspect for your practise upon graduation.
  • You will be expected to log twenty five 75-90 minute sessions with your practicum clients (via donation.) This must include at least 20 different clients.  You will learn to build and trust your internal resources to develop co-creative relationships with your clients. 
  • You will be asked to enrich the community with your presence and unique perspective through in-person live teaching opportunities and on-line sources. This will serve your professional development and ability to speak to your work, build your presence as a practitioner and the marketing for your practise.​
  • As a professional in this process you will be asked to submit your 'stories' and record sessions on-line.  
  • You will also be asked to write two reflection assignments: one about your personal process and how it relates to the Universal Laws and 5-step Inside-OWT process and the other about how that integrates with your existing practise with your clients. 
  • You will also be asked to write/create or share your perspective on how to improve the training process and other courses.  Your suggestions for the share groups, and/or what could be added to the book (or future book) about the process.  Your input is recognized as valuable and needed. 
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS! As a student, you will have support with managing your eyeglass prescriptions and eye exercises.  With reduced (transition) lenses and inner work, you will lower the stress on your visual-nervous system and see improvements in your eyesight.   (Vision Improvement Training is not included in the first year of INside-OWT training.  Vision Training and Eyeglass prescription work can be added to the training as a 3 month follow-up program.​​

After you complete the program, you will likely be asked if you want to begin teaching and supporting the curriculum of the Soul-Truth Discovery Academy (for soul-led women)  (or the Empowered Empath Academy (for soul-led Empaths and Intuitives already in Healing Careers) as an Instructor/facilitator. 

Still wondering if this is for you before you talk to Summer?

Here's 8 Things that Might Be True now that probably wasn’t true for you 2-3 years ago … 
By the standards you grew up with, your life is pretty decent but something feels missing and in your quieter moments, my guess is there are a few things on your mind…

  • You feel ready for some ‘next stage’ of your work and/or life that you can’t quite articulate. Truth is, true healing and success in life, at work or at home, does not come from you, your ego or what you know, it comes through you because of who you are and to the degree that you can articulate & express your authenticity.
  • You feel like you’re about to implode with things you keep in, but really want to share. The Truth is, the courage our clients and family have to heal and move past stagnant patterns is greatly influenced by our journey and how far we have come.  We are intricately connected by Collective, Universal Energetic Threads. 
  • Your job, practice or profession is beginning to feel stagnant. You are super ready to be done with addictive styles of learning that come out of the need to soothe the idea you don’t know enough. Truth is: the next level of your work won’t come from a new technique or device but an entirely new framework and paradigm. 
  • You feel done with being the ‘fixer’ in yours or others lives. Truth is, we are sacred mirrors. As soon as we take the leap of courage to speak our truths, be authentic to our Soul-Sourced Truth and directly address our inner conflicts (like wanting to speak but holding back for money or lost potential profit) - we find the next day we see clients who are ready to do the same - ready to move forward in drastic and spontaneous ways.
  • You’re tired of pre-scripted protocols or meditations.  Truth is that it is possible and powerful to take the leap and TRUST in your abilities to be a conduit of Source, without relying on out-dated scripts.   
  • Your work is feeling generic. Truth is, your healing work must incorporate ‘you’.   Your unique path, gifts and abilities are necessary and needed in order to serve those in a way that only your connection to Source can provide. 
  • You’ve begun to feel like a fraud. Truth is when you you recognize your clients' struggles reflect your own, you are invited to deepen your own inner work so you can serve them best.
  • You are conflicted with paying high professional fees to authorities you’ve lost respect for.  At some point you experienced a loss in faith in the governing body that you were taught your craft under because it is more and more are out of alignment with your inner knowing.  You can only do that for so long before you take a leap of faith. 

* Please note: this program is offered as a non-registered and secular program.  It is not licensed under any governmental regulations or health/schooling institutions.  A certificate of completion is offered but is not recognized by Health Canada or Natural Health Practitioners.   It is a stand-alone program that is in alignment with the one true authority - Creator/ God/Universe/Source.  As such it also allows clients to reclaim their true inner authority and connection to source.

Check out stories of others' experiences: Videos stories here.

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