Embody Your Soul's Wisdom to Heal Your Life

​If you're ready to discover step-by-step how to heal deeply you're in the right place!  My Signature courses teach you Alchemical Wisdom and Body-Mind-Soul transformational processes that will shift your life. 

You will learn how to access emotional, energetic and spiritual reasons behind symptoms as you tap into Universal Energetic Law. 

The courses will guide you to tap into your own psychic and intuitive abilities. They simplify inner soul work by teaching you how to follow the "energy trail" to the root cause of physical, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering.  

They will help you dive deeper into the mind/soul/body connection and access your innate abilities to release blocks and heal - often on several levels spontaneously!

See you on the inside! Summer 

Available Products

MY BOOK: ​Soul-Side Out: Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life

Get your GIFT copy of my award-winning book in 2 formats: Publishers Searchable PDF and Audio version!

There's a movement exploding where people are being restored!  Improvements in all kinds of symptoms including eyesight, illness, relationships - everything!

The first step is learning how to receive healing yourself by discovering the inner wisdom you've always had access to but were never taught. That's why I wrote this book, and now I'm gifting it to you, if you're ready to learn.

The book is the WINNER 2021 Pacific Book Awards !


​"I read the book in 2 days and re-read parts of it.  It hit home so many times!  Unbelievable Information and an easy read ... Kept my Focus.  I appreciated the book so much, I passed it along to my Medical Doctor and bought myself a second copy."   Raylene Isert, Edmonton, Canada

""Hi Summer, I bought your book today and I have to let you know that I am already 1/4 through it and absolutely love it. It has really struck a cord with me and I can’t put it down. I love books of these nature but I feel like your was exactly what I needed at this time. I am already so excited to pass it along to family members and friends that I know will love it and benefit from it as well!"
​Thank you so much" Lisa Arvanitis, Edmonton, Canada  

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Soul-Truth Discovery Academy

The Soul Truth Discovery Academy is a Year-Long journey of life-transformative, experiential education in self-healing, energetic/universal law and intuition within a supportive soul-based community. 

The Soul-Truth Discovery Academy allows you to rediscover your innate Alchemical Wisdom.  “Alchemy’  is about the skill to create profound, quick shifts in mental and emotional states, situations and physical symptoms.

You will learn how to access emotional, energetic and spiritual reasons behind symptoms as you tap into Universal Energetic Law through the Body-Mind-Soul transformation process of INside-OWT. 

The 12-month curriculum will guide you to tap into your own psychic and intuitive abilities. It simplifies inner soul work by teaching you how to follow the "energy trail" to the true inner root cause of physical, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering.  

The program will guide you in diving deeply into the mind/soul/body connection to access your innate abilities to release blocks and heal. You will discover the other 95% of your awareness.

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How to Envision your Authentic Life and Live it

Summer's Blu Talks Talk.

This is about a paradigm shift that is happening. An awakening out of the fight, fix, force system we have been living in, to one of a dynamic ability to live at peace and in health.   

What is a Healing Crisis & How to Navigate it Successfully

    Discover the transformational gift your symptoms are showing you and how to know what's what.

    When our world or life seems like it's falling apart, the worst thing we can do is panic or live in fear.  

    👉 Your symptoms can actually be a gift to discover our strength and inner resources.

    Learn about the 'sunset principle' - when symptoms or recurring patterns burn the brightest, just before they go down below the horizon.  Gain the faith and confidence that the sun will shine again in your life.

    Comprehensive Intro to Soul-Level Self-Healing; Alchemy & Mind-Body Medicine

    The knowledge you need to heal is present in every cell of your body and is speaking to you, you just have to re-learn how to listen deeply. INside-OWT is a simple, natural way to remember who you are at your spiritual core. It is a process of Self-(and multi-generational) healing whereby clients experience transformation on many different levels simultaneously.   This transformation is possible because Energy is always in motion and always in the direction of Source, Health and Life.  It is Soul-Level Healing. 

    Our Body and Mind is a conduit to this source energy. You will learn the Art of Fearless Transformation by discovering how to APPLY Universal Laws of Energy found in Ancient Egyptian Alchemical wisdom (and also in Quantum Physics).  It's both a new and very old and natural way to resolve modern-day circumstances (life and relationship patterns) and physical symptoms - Energetically.  

    "Joe Dispensa has nothing on Summer's work! - it's life changing."  Kelly Wolf.  Clairvoyant and Sound Healer, Edmonton. 

    As we learn to heal ourselves at this deep soul-level, we alter human consciousness. We discover more energy, authenticity and resilience within our being and symptoms often resolve spontaneously. 

    Within each of us is a knowing we all have. As we sink to deeper levels of mind/soul we are able to access abilities previously out of our reach - "the other 95% of our awareness" which allows us to:

    • solve complex problems
    • heal physical symptoms 
    • spontaneously shift strong emotion
    • access “flow" & find answers to your most burning questions, concerns & dilemmas

    Our modern problems are often based more on our culture and ways of thinking than the circumstance or symptom itself.  Once you get outside the Fight, Fix and Force Fear Paradigm of our Modern Medical (and Educational) System, healing of mind, body and soul levels happens fast!

    This course is a blend of education styles:

    • 50% for your left brain through reading & access to lessons 
    • 50% hands-on examples and practice of experiential healing. 

    More detail & BONUS in  "Learn More" below 👇

    Relief for Migraines

    Mind-Body Medicine for Migraines 

    Quickly dispel migraines with proven practical guidance addressing the physical, nutritional and emotional components of migraines so you are never trapped by a painful migraine again. From personal experience, Mind-Body Medicine Therapist Summer Bozohora provides all you need to banish migraines.

    In this class, Summer reviews the Emergency Kit  covers theses Solutions: 

    • Environmental Triggers & Relief
    • Practical Essential Oils to use
    • Important foods and recipes to counteract and soothe triggers 
    • MOST IMPORTANTLY: A step-by-step video guide how to engage your awareness to understand the underlying emotional trigger that will dissipate the migraine through Mind-Body Awareness within minutes!


    1. Migraine Emergency Kit PDF Download 
    2. FREE Digital Copy of Summer's ultimate guide to self-healing - her book: Soul Side Out! Universal Laws of Healing and Living Your Best Life

    Hi Summer,
    I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your help in getting my migraine's under control.They used to last 3 days at a time and were so bad I had to be in a dark room with no noise. Advil and Tylenol did nothing to help so I just tried to sleep them off.

    With your help of this course and a bit of practise, the migraine's now dissipate immediately and are gone by the end of the day. Thank you so much!
    Maria Osetsky, Edmonton. 

    Summer understands this topic intimately. After experiencing debilitating migraines from age 10-36, she no longer has migraines.  Read her story by hitting 👇"learn more" below.

    Connection through Conscious Communication LEVEL 1 Yearly Schedule 2024

    LEVEL 1, 8 Week Class - using Non-Judgemental Language.

    Including the work of Marshall Rosenberg ~ Non Violent Communication (NVC), Shirzad Chamine (Positive Intelligence) and Summer Bozohora (Healing from the INside-OWT)

    In this practical course you will:

    • Learn how to get out of our cultural habits of "naming and blaming".
    • Build a vocabulary of feelings and needs that will improve your relationships.
    • Learn step-by-step strategies how to accept, honour and trust when difficult feelings of anger, resentment, withdrawal, aversion, grief and doubt etc. arise. 
    • Discover your own personal saboteurs & survival perceptions
    • Identify and be curious about others' saboteurs & survival perceptions
    • Learn how to be vulnerable and deepen intimacy with a life-partner. 
    • Gain new tools to Transform Trauma and Triggers into Insight and Growth. 
    • Learn exactly how to make an observation of behaviour without mixing in labels and judgements. 
    • Learn how to speak to the most difficult people in your life. 
    • Learn how to be fully present without judging yourself AND others. 
    • Learn how to fully accept your feelings, express them and have others appreciate you for it!
    • Explore the difference between a demand and a sincere request
    • Transform the way you deal with challenging people in your workplace 
    • Learn the powerful way these skills create authentic connection that liberates us all and allows us to find joy in meeting each others needs … (Yes!  It’s possible AND fun :)

     "The difference this course has made in our lives in such a short time with each other and our children has been life-changing"

    - Kathy Reaume Jackson - Edmonton

    "It’s such a stroke of genius of you two to put these two (Marshall Rosenburg & Shirzad Chamine’s powerful work) together.  It’s a Game Changer."

    - Jon Morse - New York

    Who is this class for? Take the short quiz? Click "Learn More" below. 👇

    Connection through Conscious Communication Intro Class

    What Students Say - Spontaneous Comments from the students of 2023

    JOIN us for this fun, and practical class where you will learn:

    • Your own personal saboteurs & survival perceptions  
    • Build a vocabulary of feelings and needs that will improve your relationships. 
    • Exactly how it's possible to accept your feelings, express them and have others appreciate you for it!
    • A proven step-by-step pathway to transform the way you deal with challenging people 
    • How these skills create authentic connection that will liberate you and allow you to find joy in meeting each other’s needs … (Yes!  It’s possible AND fun :)

    What we teach here has changed both our lives, personally and as a couple, as well as with colleagues, clients, family & friends. 

    We believe it’s time to consciously interrupt toxic relationship cycles with proven, practical steps.

    ~ "The difference this course has made in our lives in such a short time with each other and our children has been life-changing." - Kathy Reaume Jackson - Edmonton

    ~ "20 Years of psychotherapy doesn't even scratch the surface of what I've learned in this class." - Fabiola Metellus - Montreal

    Who is this class for? Take the short quiz
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    How Eyeglasses Perpetuate Nervous System Stress

    Visual blur is not just a physical problem and it's important to uncover factors that contribute to the onset of blur that glasses 'lock in'.   

    In this short video, I explore one of the biggest causes of visual blur.

    It's true that: Glasses are an immediate quick fix to visual blur.​

    • Glasses DO NOT Heal Visual Blur 
    • Glasses PROMOTE declining vision ​
    • Glasses IMPACT your Nervous System
    • ​Glasses CAUSE Near Point Stress & EyeStrain
    • Glasses Contribute to the causes of Eye Disease 

    👇 Get access to this short video below to begin uncovering the unspoken contributors to needing glasses!

    Eyesight & INsight Natural Vision Improvement for Empaths

    Supercharge Your Intuition AND Improve Your Eyesight! Save $$$ Thousands $$$ on Eyeglass Prescriptions.  

    Watch Video👇 & Discover how Glasses Damage your Eyes & Hinder Intuition!  

    This course combines the best research from:

    • Bates Method
    • Behavioural Optometry 
    • Vision Education
    • Emotional & Nervous System Regulation 
    • Intuitive Self-Healing
    • Soul-Level Awareness 

    It is a comprehensive course with easily accessible, well organized modules and personal support.

    Use it as guide for your whole family and/or your clients. 

    Click below to get a Snapshot of what you will learn + all the details👇

      IMPORTANT: DO NOT get an eye exam prior to this class, wait until after your prescription Review session with Summer.  (included in the course) 

      Courage to Heal - 90 Day Intensive Transformation Program

      This 90 Day Program is specifically for people experiencing immediate life crisis in their health or relationships who are serious about transforming their patterns and gaining wisdom through it. 

      👉 You will receive powerful guidance to quickly transform your patterns and confusion through the New Frontier in Energetic Law and Total Transformation described in the book: Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life.

      Get Ready for an Intensive, customized, intuitive hand-holding program through the transformational process of IN-side OWT.

      This is a high-touch program for people who urgently need to change the direction of some aspect of their life.

      • Expect to be in contact or speaking/having sessions with me every day, every-other-day then weekly so you can accelerate your body's healing process.

      This 3 months together will catapult you to fast-track your healing journey!  

      Ready to GO? Your next step is to book a 45 minute Soul-Truth Discovery and Healing Plan Call 👇 to confirm if this is the best fit for your current needs.

      👇Find out more below before you book a call

      Healing Mentorship - Establish a Long-term Healed Lifestyle

      This 6 month program will help you (or you and your partner)  implement self-care, spiritual practises and conscious communication day-to-day for long term vibrant health and relationships. 

      Whether you are new to the Alchemical Wisdom School, have just completed the 90 Day Intensive, or are enrolled in the Conscious Communication Course and/or the Soul-Truth Discovery Academy, you are serious and committed to establishing new ways of being FOR LIFE.

      The Healing Mentorship Program is a  customized program founded upon the ground-breaking INside-OWT framework combined with Conscious Communication skills.

      👉 You will receive ongoing powerful guidance you can use for life following the 5 step process of INside-OWT, the New Frontier in Mind-Body Medicine and Total Transformation as described in the book: Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and living your Best Life: 

      BONUS! Enjoy integrating this education in self-healing / energetic/universal law while increasing your intuition and trust in your innate wisdom with every session. 

      Enrolment is by invitation after a personal conversation to determine your needs/goals so you receive the BEST option for the most effective results. 

      Ready to see if you are a fit?  Your next step is to book a 45 minute Intuitive Soul-Truth Discovery Session👇 to confirm if this is the best fit for your current needs.


      👇Find out what's included in the program  below 

      Empowered Empath Professional Development & Certification in INside-OWT

      The Empowered Empath Program is for: 

      • Holistic health care providers or spiritual coaches who wish to build a community that empowers each other to become advocates of proactive and preventative self-care.  
      • Women who have stepped into their 'wisdom years' (40+) and feel called to be re-inspired rather than re-tired
      • Women who wish to create a livelihood in education-based health & spirituality. 

      Experience FULL IMMERSION  in the Transformational  Process of INside-OWT, the New Frontier in Mind-Body Medicine and Total Transformation as described in: Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life: 

      PREREQUISITE: Soul-Truth Discovery Academy Apprenticeship Program

      👉 Enrolment is by invitation after an interview to determine the most effective way for you to serve the community and share your gifts. 

      NEXT STEPS: Book a Professional Interview with Summer to determine if this is a fit for you.  OR  "Find Out More" below 

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