Courage to Heal - 90 Day Intensive Transformation Program

This 90 Day Program is for people experiencing immediate life, relationship or health crisis who are serious about transforming their patterns and gaining wisdom through it. 

Get Ready for an Intensive, customized, intuitive hand-holding program through the powerful process of IN-side OWT. 👉 You will receive powerful guidance to quickly transform your health & relationships through the New Frontier in Universal Law and Transformation described in the book: Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life.

This is a high-touch program for people who urgently need to change the direction of an aspect of your life that is causing high stress and confusion.  

  • Expect to be in contact or speaking/having sessions with me every day, every-other-day, then weekly so you can accelerate your healing process.

My clients are often experiencing one or more than one of the following:

  • Life Crisis - Loss of Job or significant relationship, confusion, inability to relate to others - Social anxiety. 
  • Identity Crisis - Unsatisfied in their career, a shift in friendships and family relationships. 
  • Loss of Meaning and Life-Purpose 
  • Health Crisis - Recurring Symptom/Condition conventional or alternative medicine can’t get to the bottom of. 
  • Burn Out/Adrenal Fatigue - 3rd or 4th Stage HPA Axis Dysfunction
  • Marriage Crisis - Resentment and anger, feeling lack of support or unsatisfied with a partner, Triggers and Trauma, stress buildup.  
  • Major Life Transition
  • Dark Night of the Soul, - feelings of meaninglessness or depression
  • Extreme Grief or Loss 
  • Spiritual Trauma - Loss of Faith or Community

These are all signs, your SOUL is speaking to you - NO SCREAMING and BEGGING YOU to listen deeply and act on what messages it imparts.

👇 Scroll down to schedule a call to discuss your  crisis/breakthrough with Summer.   

90 Day Intensive Transformation for INDIVIDUALS:  

  • 9  90-min INside-OWT Transformational INside-OWT sessions
    ​*In person or via Phone or Zoom Video Conference
  • 9  35-minute support calls
  • ​Session Summary notes, Resources & homework assignments 
  • UNLIMITED text or voice memo response  
  • Other Resources geared toward your specific needs.  

People start with more sessions at the beginning of the crisis and wean off as they need less support.   

Investment:  $3,300  

This is a FULLY CUSTOMIZED program for your unique situation and designed to facilitate your most direct path to healing, it will catapult you to fast-track your healing journey.  

👉 NEXT STEP: Customize your program by booking a conversation with Summer below. 👇 (Payments plans are possible depending on the need) 

PS. Check out stories of others' experiences here. Videos stories here.

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