Soul-Truth Discovery Academy

The Soul-Truth Discovery Academy offers transformative experiential education in self-healing, energetic/universal law and intuition within a supportive soul-based community. 

Summer has translated Ancient Egyptian Alchemy for the modern world as the simple, natural 5-step process of INside-OWT.  Alchemy is about the skill to create profound, quick shifts in mental, emotional or physical states based in knowledge of universal law.  

It is guidelines for remembering your own inner-technology to access emotional, energetic and spiritual reasons behind life circumstances or symptoms.  You will learn how to access emotional, energetic and spiritual reasons behind symptoms as you tap into Universal Energetic Law through the Body-Mind-Soul transformation process of INside-OWT. 

The 8-month curriculum will guide you to tap into your own psychic and intuitive abilities. It simplifies inner soul work by teaching you how to follow the "energy trail" to the true inner root cause of physical, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering.  

This year-long educational journey takes place in a hybrid model of sacred in-person and live-on-line spaces.  It is an intimate space with a maximum of 10 women.  One group starts in February and the other in October.    

You can expect to:

  • Develop trust in your innate wisdom (intuition)
  • How to Improve Your Eyesight 
  • Align to Source Energy and the guidance it offers. 
  • Navigate life disappointments, crisis, conflicts, symptoms and injuries faster, with more ease.
  • Gain skill to amplify any healing modality, ie. Art Therapy, Massage, Reiki, Sound and Meditation etc. with greater awareness (either as a client or a healer) through the embodiment of Universal Law.
  • Deepen your experiences with plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Magic Mushrooms etc. 
  • Begin building an authentic and abundant path of service on the planet 🌏
  • Shift generational patterns & a discover a new perspective and paradigm for living.
  • Find deep healing from traumatic life events and discover the gifts within it.
  • Learn the foundations of Conscious Communication to integrate your spiritual wisdom into your day-to day life. 
  • Calm your nervous system and relieve anxiety
  • Experience a decrease in, or resolution of physical symptoms
  • Observe how spontaneous self-healing occurs and how to support others
  • Embody transformative knowledge that affects your home and work-life
  • Instantaneously shift negative or overwhelming emotion into insight
  • Master fear and meet resistance with courage and curiosity
  • Connect to Spirit, Animal and/or Ancestral Guides
  • Laugh, play, have fun and engage your creativity
  • Feel a sense of belonging and spiritual family
  • Create a consistent self-care practise 

This year-long educational journey of the Academy takes place in a hybrid model of sacred in-person and live-on-line spaces so you can stay immersed in the culture and receive support when you need it most.  

Who We are:

  • Soul-Searchers and Self-Healers.

  • Life-long learners who are willing to master the fear of the unknown to discover and trust the gift of their intuitive wisdom.

  • Those wanting to to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms and realign to their authentic being.

  • Those who are willing to find the courage it takes to live an empowered and authentic life.

  • Willing, committed souls dedicated to unlearning culturally ingrained habits, saboteur thoughts and judgments that delay us from evolving and trusting life.

Year-Long Soul CURRICULUM -   Starting mid February and early October each year.  The Soul-Truth Academy meets Once every 3 weeks for a 3 hour curriculum.  

  • CLASS  1  What does it mean to be in Service to your Soul 
  • CLASS 2  Relationships as Soul Contracts 
  • CLASS 3  Eyesight & Insight-  Eyes as Windows to the Soul.  
  • CLASS 4  Mastering Fear & Meeting Resistance - The Courage to Heal. 
  • CLASS 5  Your Soul's Language 
  • CLASS 6  5 Steps to Spontaneous Insight 
  • CLASS 7  (Soul-Truth Immersion Retreat) (JUNE)
  • CLASS 8  Trusting Your Inner Voices
  • CLASS 9  Physical Symptoms & the Mind-Body Symptoms Journal 
  • CLASS 10 Past Lives - the History of our Symptoms. 
  • CLASS 11 Consciousness and our Collective Healing 
  • CLASS 12 Higher Purpose - How to live it.   

Value of what's Included in the Soul-Truth Academy 👇

1.  The BOOK: Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life.  PDF & Audio Book Versions Value: $Priceless.

2. Soul-truth Curriculum Study & Intuitive Self-Healing Practise  (3.0 hours) once every 3 weeks   $4,000

3. 18 LIVE Online (zoom) Group Self-Healing Practise & Share with Summer - 3 x/month   (Value: $1,800)  

4. Ten Sacred Mirror Opportunities (Practices where Summer works with one women to be witnessed)  (90 mins 1-2x/month)  (Value: $1,818) 

5. Access to Comprehensive Intro to Self-Healing Includes INside-OWT Audio Immersion practise, and my Mind-Body Medicine Body Symptoms Journal.  (Value: $197)

6. Intro to Connection through Conscious Communication (Relationships as Soul Contracts)  (Value: $99)

7. Connection through Conscious Communication (Relationships as Soul Contracts) 8 week course to be taken anytime in the year following enrolment in the Academy. (Value $1,111) 

8. Positive Intelligence PQ App access for a year (Value $1,000) (Nervous system gym, videos and book) 

8. Eyesight and Insight; Natural Vision Improvement Course for Empaths and Intuitives (Value: $397) Includes  Eyeglass Prescription Review & Reduction Call

9. Ultimate Home Emergency Kit for the Immediate Relief of Migraines. (Value $47) 

10. Body-Mind-Soul Intuitive Self-Healing Retreat with Summer.  This is a 2 1/2 day retreat in June of each year on a Friday-Sunday 9:30-4:30 pm.  (Value: $750)                                                                      

11. Eight (25 min monthly Clarity Calls with Summer - Personal support calls to ask any questions (phone or on-line via zoom) (Value: $880) 

TOTAL VALUE:  $12,099.00 

WHAT YOU PAY: $3,888  🎓 2 Partial SCHOLARSHIPS per Semester are Available. 


💥 Click the link below to reserve your spot and gift 🎁 yourself a Year of Soulful Development 

  • ONE Yearly Payment: $3,888
  • Monthly Payments: $1500 Deposit + $355/month for 7 months

🎓 2 Partial SCHOLARSHIPS per Semester are Available. 

If you have any questions or need to customize your payment plan or request a Scholarship, email or text her directly at 780-451-8441.  

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