Eyesight & INsight Natural Vision Improvement for Empaths

Supercharge your Intuition AND Improve Your Eyesight! 

PLUS:  Reverse Prescriptions*, Prevent Eye Disease  AND Save $$$ Thousands $$$ on Eyeglass Prescriptions. 

👇 Discover how Glasses Damage your Eyes & Hinder Intuition! 

This course combines the best research from the Bates Method, Behavioural Optometry and Vision Education as well as Energetic and Intuitive Self-Healing.  It is a comprehensive course with easily accessible, well organized modules and personal support.

Use it as guide for your whole family and/or your clients. 

What you Will Learn 👇

Snapshot of Topics You Will be Learning:

  • Improve your Eyesight & reduce your need for high prescriptions 
  • Embody the Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Eyesight to engage Mind-Body Medicine for quicker improvement. 
  • Prevent eye-disease, computer fatigue & eye strain 
  • Discover how eye exams perpetuate declining vision and how to speak to your optometrist about what you need. 
  • Master how reduced prescriptions can help release locked trauma 
  • Improve distance vision and drive with more confidence 
  • Receive specific nutrition guidance and supplements for optimal vision 
  • Reveal the role of bifocals/progressives, surgery & contacts on improvement
  • Walk-out of Multi-focals 
  • Assess your binocular vision to Improve reading and comprehension
  • Team your eyes for improved sporting performance and physical coordination 
  • Discover the REAL legal driving acuity - which is not 20/20!  
  • Access the cause of astigmatism and how to eliminate it
  • Discover why vision improvement Unlocks your Nervous System & can reduce anxiety
  • Irradicate Double Vision and heal Lazy Eye 
  • Gain clearer access to Your Intuition and Insight 
  • Gain confidence in caring care for your eyes and preserving your eyesight. 
  • Order on-line to save Thousands $$$

What's Included 👇:

Video trainings to help you understand:

    • How to read your prescriptions, reduce them safely and order on-line to save $$$ thousands with case studies.
    • Prepare for eye exams (if needed) 
    • Relax you nervous system as you improve your vision 
  • BONUSES include:
    • Targeted Training for Specific Conditions:  
      • Myopia/Nearsightedness (People who need glasses to drive) 
      • Hyperopia/Presbyopia (people who need reading glasses) 
      • Astigmatism
      • Double Vision, Lazy Eye, Amblyopia/Strabismus 
    • Downloadable vision charts, tools, exercises and more - Much, much more.. 
      • Eye Habits List
      • Eye Exercises
      • Eye Yoga Videos
      • Natural Vision Food Pyramid 
      • Downloadable Natural Eye Charts 
      • Journalling Exercises to increase your visual acuity
      • Acupressure charts & directions for yourself or massage therapist 
      • BONUS:  FREE Access to the Intro to Connection through Conscious Communication Course (Value $99) because our relationships with ourselves and others play a BIG part in how we see. 
      • BONUS:  FREE Access to the Comprehensive Introduction to Intuitive Soul-Level Self-Healing Course (Value $197)

PLUS you receive one private 30 minute consult with Summer to ask any questions and gain clarity on what you are learning. 

More topics that we will cover are below👇

  • Number one vision skill for reading at any age
  • Eliminating computer fatigue & near-point stress
  • Discover the legal driving acuity which is not 20/20! 
  • Simplest & most effective eye exercises for vision improvement
  • How to read & understand your prescription 
  • Common Mistakes to Improving Vision
  • What Astigmatism is and how to eliminate it from your prescription
  • Learn how to order lenses to save $$$ thousands
  • Prevent eye-disease & resources for conditions such as cataracts & macular degeneration. 
  • How to keep your kids out of glasses and have great vision for life
  • How to Heal Double vision & lazy eye.   
  • Discover the 8 visual skill sets (of which Optometrists only measure one!)
  • Uncover more about sunlight, sunglasses and the role of light in how you see 
  • Prevent eye-disease & eye strain 
  • Receive nutrition guidance and supplements for optimal vision 
  • Reveal the role of bifocals/progressives, surgery & contacts on improvement
  • Discover the REAL legal driving acuity - which is not 20/20!  

"I highly recommend Summer and her work as a powerful healer for anyone who is serious about truly being free from the issue(s). Summer will help you unravel the underlying contributors to any health issue in a gracious, knowledgable way. (You must be an active partner which is part of the benefit and fun!) I worked with Summer through her Natural Vision guidance and I've been able to stop wearing reading glasses! My vision is much better and I see my eyes and how to care for them with considerably more clarity (pun intended!) Run, don't walk, to get Summer's help!"     Lauren Power B.C. 

Megan doesn't need her glasses anymore! {Watch}👇

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👉How to Book Your Soul-Truth Discovery & Prescription Review Session with Summer

BONUS: 100% OFF - Comprehensive Intro to Intuitive Soul-Level Self-Healing

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