Vision Improvement for HEALERS, EMPATHS & INTUITIVES

You will be Learning to Improve your Eyesight, Reverse Perscriptions*, Prevent Eye Disease!  PLUS: Elevate your Intuition & Deepen your Heart-Brain Connection

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Snapshot of Topics You Will be Learning:

  • ALL the topics taught in the Foundations in Vision Improvement Class ✅
  • PLUS learn why improving YOUR eyesight will elevate your intuitive capacities for healing yourself and others
  • Emotional & Energetic (nervous system) aspects of vision
  • Role of reduced prescriptions in releasing trauma
  • The role of Light and the Pineal Gland in Seeing 
  • Role of the Masculine (Right Eye) and Feminine (Left Eye) aspects of self & seeing.  


  • Video trainings for natural vision improvement - all you need to know in one place! ($125)
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A with Summer on zoom. Bring all your questions.  ($100)
  • Send questions while you watch the classes and receive email replies. ($50)
  • Private Online 35-minute Prescription Assessment and Lifestyle Review with Summer. ($350 Value)
  • BONUSES include videos for your specific conditions along with downloadable vision charts, tools, exercises and more. ($400 Value)

Resources included in the BONUS section: 

  • Eye Habit List 
  • Eye Exercises
  • Downloadable Natural Eye Charts 
  • Instructions for using pinhole glasses to retrain your eyes most effectively  
  • Journalling Exercises to increase your visual acuity
  • Acupressure charts and directions for yourself or massage therapist to accelerate healing

Targeted trainings for these specific conditions:

  • Myopia/Nearsightedness (People who need glasses to drive) 
  • Hyperopia/Presbyopia (people who need reading glasses) 
  • Those who are currently using bifocals, multifocal or progressives 
  • Astigmatism
  • Double Vision, Lazy Eye, Amblyopia/Strabismus 

Additional topics that will be covered: 

  • Discover the 8 visual skill sets (of which Optometrists only measure one!)
  • Uncover more about sunlight, sunglasses and the role of light in how you see 
  • Prevent eye-disease & eye strain 
  • Role of bifocals/progressives/lasik surgery
  • Discover the REAL legal driving acuity - which is not 20/20!  
  • Receive resources for conditions such as cataracts & macular degeneration​​
  • Number one vision skill for Reading at Any Age
  • Eliminating computer fatigue & near-point stress
  • Legal driving acuity which is not 20/20! and distance vision
  • Simplest & most effective eye exercises for vision improvement
  • How to read & understand your prescription 
  • Ordering reduced lenses to save $$$ thousands!
  • Preventing Eye-Disease & resources for conditions such as cataracts & Macular Degeneration. 
  • AND MORE! 

Megan doesn't need her glasses anymore! {Watch}👇

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